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All to Get Her

All To Get Her is the perfect mix of old school Pop Punk, refreshing modern melodies and their unique „rock your socks off“ ingredient. Their main focus and energy always goes into playing the best possible live show, no matter what!

All to Get Her
All to Get Her

Zeit & Ort

15. Juli 2023, 23:00 – 16. Juli 2023, 00:00


Über die Veranstaltung

In 2016 they released their first EP "Red Carpet" and played a large

number of shows in Switzerland. This EP also brought them to play

some of the biggest festivals in Switzerland and open for bands like

Zebrahead, Four Year Strong, Stand Atlantic, ROAM and many more

on their headline tour.

In 2019 All To Get Her released two singles called „Disaster“ and

„Colorblind“ before dropping their debut record „Cheesecakes And

Earthquakes“ in 2019. It was a full success! Many shows have passed

and now they are ready again with new songs to usher in a new era.

Six singles will be unveiled one by one during 2023. The rocket to the

moon is ready to take off, get on and start the journey!

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